Buying hair can be a minefield! Everyone and their neighbor has a recommendation and the hair arrives looking like a used mop. We do accept ALL hair for appointments but we do have a recommended brand. We have tried and tested many suppliers and fell in love with what now is DOLLBABYHAIR, this is recommended by our highly experienced stylists for a sleek finish.

This can be purchased at


Textures and long lengths!

You want a bob or inches? From 14’ to 30'‘ DOLLBABYHAIR has you covered. Switch up your style with the elegant sleek straight, beach body wave to hold a mean curl, Fiji wave for an effortless slay or tropical curly to turn heads!


Premium lace!

LACE LACE LACE! Look no further for premium lace. The finest thin lace guaranteed to give you a natural appearing hairline. All hair is stocked in standard and transparent to help you get your perfect match.


Quality hair for colouring!

We love a quick colour change, I mean who doesn’t? What we don’t love is damaging hair! to ensure quality lifts and hair that withstands all types of tints and bleach look no further!