Frontal Tips

Lace frontals are incredibly HIGH MAINTENANCE! Your favourite celebrity probably has a travelling stylist there to touch up her frontal at her very need! Lace frontal wigs are DIFFICULT to maintain and look after!

Not to worry, with impeccable maintenance and care you too can have a great lace frontal!

Choosing a lace frontal: 

The quality of your the actual lace frontal you choose to use is very IMPORTANT! You need to invest in a good lace frontal if you want GOOD results! This is your RESPONSIBILITY!

Avoid super dense frontals: frontals with very thick hairline hair, will have a thick, unnatural finish

If you are of a light skin tone, ensure your lace is a close match to your skin - as frontals can be tinted all shades darker, but can't be made lighter!

Avoid cheap, plastic lace frontals as it will make it difficult to customise to your taste

Avoid lace frontals with a THICK lace, as it will result in an unnatural finish

If you are really unsure you can physically come to the store and show us to avoid wasting your time and money.

lace frontal Recommendations:

Light to fair skin tone - Transparent Lace

Brown to Dark brown skin tone - Standard Lace

Zesty Color Blocking-2.png

Here are some key after care tips:

Reapplying your frontal

As we use a temporary hold gel, regular reapplication is a part of your frontal maintenance. Depending on your skin type, this can be even daily reapplication!

  1. Lift your lace slightly/fold your lace back

  2. Clean any excess debris/make-up from your forehead and hair line

  3. Apply a line of Got2be Gel from ear to ear and leave for a seconds to get tacky (depending on your skin type)

  4. Place your lace frontal hair line on the line of Got2be and use your palms to gently press against your frontal to secure the lace frontal to your forehead

  5. Apply a head scarf to secure or use a blowdryer to dry the lace

Additional smart tips

How long your lace frontal stays secured depends on your skin type, how much Got2be works for your skin, and how well you secured it! Maintenance is KEY! and everybody's skin is DIFFERENT so you'll realise what works for you in no time! Reapplication may be DAILY!

When Got2be gel starts to build up on your lace, use warm water and/or minimal shampoo to gently remove the build up/debris (rub gently)

Lace frontal shedding is very normal, as with any high maintenance look, they need regular maintenance. Avoid itching and scratching and excessive combing or putting pressure on your parting

How long do they last? There is no real answer for this! It depends on your maintenance, lace frontal type, skin type and hairline! As a regular lace frontal wearer, you will naturally start to know what works best for you!

We recommend also having a CLOSURE WIG as this of medium maintenance, and is more suitable for less experienced lace frontal wig wearers.