Hair slays in every possible way!


what we do, the doll way!

Whew chile! Keeping up with all the new hair services and terminology can be daunting but we’ve got you! We’ve broken down each service so you don’t have to. Frontal or closure? We dropped all the 411 below x


Lace frontal

This service is available as a wig, sew in or ponytail! A wig and sew in require 3 bundles of hair in you chosen texture/length and a lace frontal. A ponytail requires a bundle + lace frontal. Lace frontals are ear to ear, we prefer the ear flap method for full versatility and hairstyles galore (half up/down, braids, partings etc!) and this requires a hold! We use GOT2BE on every lace frontal unit and sew in we do. GOT2BE lasts 24-48 hours and can be removed simply with oil for those who want to remove at night. Stronger holds such as ghost bond and bold hold can be requested and they typically last 5-7 days.

DOLL TIP : For a flawless finished result please invest in your frontal! Remember a frontal should NEVER be darker than your skin tone, grey toned, dense, hard to touch and big knots are a NO NO!


This service is available as a wig or sew in. This style is low maintenance and everyone should have a closure wig in their collection (its a staple!) We customize all our closures like our frontals for the most natural look. For the upmost natural look we recommend a 6x6 closure (mini frontal), it gives a really realistic hairline.

DOLL TIP : You are limited to the partings and hairstyles but a closure wig will last you very long and NO HOLD is needed.



Leave out

For this you will need enough hair to cover your tracks ladies! Leave outs are perfect for holidays and giving your everyday look a cute change. We reccomend these every once in a while to switch it up. You can choose between vixen (two partings and the perimeter out) or just minimal leave out for a low maintenance style.

DOLL TIP : If your edges are struggling please book a wig instead!