Waiting List

Welcome to the Dollhouse Waiting List for any emergency cancellations when we are fully booked! This list is simply to make it easier for us to contact you if anything pops up :)


  • Please note that we may contact you to offer you an appointment: on the day or 24-48 hours in advance
  • Please have a frontal ready to use and bring with you to your last minute appointment, or be ready to purchase one , there is also bundles available to purchase
  • Please view our prices here
  • By signing up to the waiting list, you are agreeing to be available to be contacted at short notice
  • Due to high demand, this is subject to availability only and doesn't guarantee an appointment unless contacted! You can also keep an eye on our Booking system to secure any newly opened last minute slots or to book for the future, feel free to book if you see anything before we contact you!
  • Please note - the waiting list only lasts for a period of 4 weeks
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Frontal *
To be placed on the waiting list, you need to have your frontal ready or be willing to purchase from our recommended vendor Hairess! As we can call you at any time if an appointment pops up
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Please tick which days you are usually available
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Done by...
Please let us know if there is a specific date you need your hair done by within the next 4 weeks
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I agree to be contacted if anything pops up last minute, and I understand that this lasts for 4 weeks only